Reverse the Curse of “Tutorial Trap”

Stop binge watching online courses and tutorial if you want to learn.

In today’s world of remote learning where countless online courses, tutorials ands blogs are available on the internet for FREE, it’s easy to fall into tutorial trap.

The tutorial trap is a trap where we take tutorials after tutorials — leading to belief of learning something new — then surprises us with the state of confusion when it’s time to apply the knowledge

What leads to tutorial trap?

A strong desire to learn fast combined with abundance of free, accessible resources can lead to tutorial trap.

learning new things can be addictive

Learning new things can be enjoyable — it can also be addictive. We are tempted to continuously learn and move onto the next thing whether that is an online course or tutorial.

binge watching tutorials is a thing.

This is when we fall into a tutorial trap where we take tutorials after tutorials — binge watch tutorials — without applying the knowledge. This is a problem because it does not prepare you for the real-world.

online tutorials are simplified compared to the real-world

The online courses and tutorials are way more simplified then the real world projects and applications. When we take a course, it makes us think we have increased our skills, but in reality, we have an illusion of completeness.

How to avoid the tutorial trap?

Take a pause, reflect, and apply your knowledge.

pause and reflect

Next time when you take a course, don’t jump into the next one right away. Speed does not have a direction. So you must take a pause and reflect. Reflect on what you learned and how it’s going to help you in in your personal, professional and educational goals.

apply your knowledge

Apply and practice what you learned, connect it to the real-world. The online courses and tutorials are many times simplified. The real-world is complicated, which will lead to challenges and edge cases. In order to master the art, you must practice and apply your knowledge.

You can’t master pushups by just understanding them, you have to apply them to the real world and do pushups again and again to improve them and learn .

Similar to a push up, taking an online course or watching a tutorial is not enough — applying the knowledge is the key to learning.

Final thoughts

In today’s remote world, there are thousands of online resources available. It’s tempting to participate and take advantage of the free options. Though the desire to learning is great, you have to do it right. Avoid falling into the tutorial trap. Take a pause, reflect, apply your knowledge to the real-world and them move onward.

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