First Day at Google

New hire orientation experience was everything I imagined and more.

Sundas Khalid


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I have been wanting to write about my first-day at Google experience for a while but honestly, it has been surreal that I wanted to take my time to take it all in. My Google interview was in October 2019 — I signed the offer letter in November 2019 — and started at Google in Dec 2019.

Left: official welcome from Google. Right: picture is from when I got the job offer. I was jumping with joy (no pun intended).

Before the first-day

After accepting the offer, I began receiving communication from several parts at Google. These communications made me feel welcomed and even more excited to join.


After signing the offer letter, I immediately began receiving communication from Google new-hire (Noogler) onboarding team. I was given options to choose my username, laptop, and make travel arrangements for the new-hire orientation at the New York City Google office. This made me feel welcomed to Google.

People Welcome

I also received numerous congratulations and welcome emails from my Google interviewers, managers and colleagues. It also gave me access to several people at Google who I could reach out to and ask questions. This made me feel welcomed to the team and Google.

The Night Before

The day before my orientation, I arrived in New York City and checked into the Dream Hotel. It was not my first-time in New York City but this time it felt different — I was about to start a new chapter and it felt like a dream. I prepared my outfit for the orientation, set the alarm for 6am and went to bed early to get a good night sleep.

the Dream Hotel — one of a kind beauty in the heart of NYC Chelsea Market area

My first-day at Google

The morning of my first-day, I woke up bright & early and excited to go. I got ready, grabbed something to eat and walked to the Google building, a block down from my hotel.




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