First Day at Google

New hire orientation experience was everything I imagined and more.

Left: official welcome from Google. Right: picture is from when I got the job offer. I was jumping with joy (no pun intended).

Before the first-day


People Welcome

The Night Before

the Dream Hotel — one of a kind beauty in the heart of NYC Chelsea Market area

My first-day at Google


one of the Google New York City buildings




12:30pm — lunch

Left: one of the many nearby Google cafeterias. Middle: Octopus & Garbanzo beans. Right: Grilled Mahi Mahi

My “aha” Moment


Left: game room. Right: rock wall climb.


The Rest of the Orientation Week

Noogler Orientation

Graduation aka the Hat Ceremony

Hat ceremony at the end of the orientation week

I Made Memories

pictures from my first week experience at Google

Watch My First Day at Google on YouTube

Thanks for Reading!

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