A story of a Microsoft engineer who quit a flourishing career to become a stay-at-home mom

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I recently met a middle-aged woman through Facebook marketplace. To keep her identity anonymous, I will call her Sarah. Sarah purchased an item from me and on the day she came over to pick up the item, she and I hit it off right away as we had tech careers…

New hire orientation experience was everything I imagined and more.

You can also watch my First Day at Google on YouTube.

I have been wanting to write about my first-day at Google experience for a while but honestly, it has been surreal that I wanted to take my time to take it all in.

Here is the list of YouTube channels by women dedicated to data science, machine learning, AI, data engineering and more.

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Lately, I’ve been seeing a few blogs sharing data science YouTube channels to follow. It’s been great to see the limelight data science has attained over the last few years and the contribution of the creator community in accelerating the growth. It’s a fascinating field indeed and deserves the recognition.

Working from the couch was not sustainable…

I get tons of questions on Instagram about my desk setup product links. I love responding to those DMs but in order to consolidate and scale sharing I am compiling this list of my WFH favorites. Having a good WFH setup has boosted my productivity and I hope it’s useful…

“Do the exact opposite of what brown culture taught you”

Created by Sundas Khalid

Being an immigrant in the corporate world has its own unique set of challenges. When you move to a new country, the process of learning and unlearning becomes critical to succeed, whether that is learning a new language or the work culture. Learning and adapting to the work culture is…

De-prioritize non-promotable tasks

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I learned about the term office housework a few years into my career, and it was an “aha” moment for me. Harvard Business Review defines it well:

“Office housework happens outside of the spotlight. Some is administrative work that keeps things moving forward, like taking notes or finding a time…

A short and sweet explanation using real-world examples.

Let’s jump into it right away.


Correlation means relationship and association to another variable. For example, a movement in one variable associates with the movement in another variable. For example, ice-cream sales go up as the weather turns hot.

A positive correlation means, the movement is in the same direction…

Sundas Khalid

I write about data science, diversity & lifestyle | currently at Google | more learning content at sundaskhalid.com

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