“Do the exact opposite of what brown culture taught you”

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Working from the couch was not sustainable…

Practical tips for the virtual conference prep

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1. Upload Resume to GHC Database

2. Get Your Resume Reviewed [FREE]

Know what your position’s worth, then insist on it

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1. Levels.fyi

New hire orientation experience was everything I imagined and more.

Breaking stereotypes one picture at a time

De-prioritize non-promotable tasks

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A short and sweet explanation using real-world examples.


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Stop binge watching online courses and tutorial if you want to learn.

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What leads to tutorial trap?

learning new things can be addictive

A portfolio is a way to show your work and standout.

1. Data Cleaning

Structure a data cleaning project:

  1. Import data
  2. Join multiple data sets
  3. Detect missing values
  4. Look for anomalies (1, 2, 3, “Sundus”?)
  5. Impute for missing values
  6. Data quality assurance

2. Exploratory Data Analysis

Sundas Khalid

I write about data science, diversity & lifestyle | currently at Google | more learning content at sundaskhalid.com

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